[mythtv] New features now in CVS.

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 01:38:14 -0500

Thought I'd update people on what's been going on, development-wise, for those 
who aren't paying attention to the commits list.

- A new OSD theme just got committed to CVS -- if you have any errors while 
doing a cvs update, just rm your existing themes/ subdir and retry it.  
Should work..  The new theme's a little more subdued than the blue aqua-esque 
one, and it's now the default.  The default font also changed, so if you have 
a complete copy of settings.txt in your ~/.mythtv/ directory, you probably 
should at least remove the OSDFont setting from it.

- I merged in Erik Arendse's EPG mysql query optimization patch.  This should 
help the speed of the program guide considerably, especially when the mysql 
server isn't on the local machine.

- Programs now generate a pre-calculated seektable while they get recorded.  
This makes seeking _much_ faster, especially when running things over a 
network.  There's also a setting for 'ExactSeeking' in the config file, which 
just tells it to seek to the nearest keyframe, instead of going to the exact 
frame requested.  Also yields a nice little speedup.

These next two things only work on files with a seektable:

- If you hit space or enter while playing back a recording, it will save a 
'bookmark' of where you are in the program.  Next time you play the program 
back, it'll seek automatically to that position, and clear the bookmark.

- Hitting the 'e' key while playing back a recording enters edit mode.  I've 
got a writeup, with links to screenshots and everything, on the website.  I'm 
really quite happy with how its working, though there's one or two things 
more to do to the UI.  No re-encoding the files yet to actually delete 
things, but playback with automatic fast-forwards over the deleted sections 
works great.

Anyway, I'm thinking _maybe_ a 0.7 release this weekend, if things are stable