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I would love that. Good thinking.

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> Greetings.
> First of all, I've just recently discovered your project and I'm psyched
> about it. I'm a long time TiVo user but I'm sick of waiting for TiVo and
> Replay to figure out what their business plans are and what's legal for
> to do, etc. If you want something done right why not do it yourself?
> Anyway, one thing that I think would be a great idea would be to specify a
> hardware platform for MythTV. Has anyone tried it on the VIA EPIA
> motherboards? They are highly integrated and fit in mini iTX cases (17cm
> square motherboard). They have audio, video (with TV-out including
> lan, usb, firewire (and even MPEG2 decoding in the M series) all in
> hardware. Take a look at this site:
> http://www.via.com.tw/en/VInternet/mini_itx.jsp. Add a small internal TV
> tuner (or an external USB one), a quiet hard drive, and a slim DVD-ROM
> player and put it all in a little black iTX case (see www.shentech.com)
> you have a pretty slick PVR machine. And you could put the whole thing
> together for less than $500.
> Does anyone else think a worthy goal of the MythTV project should be to
> create not only an excellent software package, but also a complete
> device? Maybe there could be a MythTV linux distro as a single CD image
> everything you need and a recommended hardware spec. Perhaps we could even
> convince somebody to sell the who setup - like a 9thtee.com or some small
> vendor.
> -Andrew
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