[mythtv] Re:Dev environment

Jeff Cotterman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 13:01:26 -0900

 >> When researching these boxes, I saw that you would have to feed the 
 >> option "pci=bios" to the kernel.
 >> http://islay.dyndns.org/taz/

 > I sent in a patch that allow my POS SS40G to boot. For some reason
 > their setup is so hosed its PCI access method can't be autodetected.
 > In combination with this the kernel since 2.4.9 had a bug such that it
 > would bail out with no PCI in this case instead of trying to use the
 > BIOS as a last resort. This is fixed in 2.4.20 and in 2.5.5x. So
 > using the latest kernels with the alsa drivers I finally got the box
 > up and running myth. No crazy BIOS settings.

 > As far as distros go, if you're using RedHat try running the their
 > latest kernel (or even the one from rawhide). As for debian, they are
 > in the dark ages as far as kernels go, so you'll have to build your
 > own.

 > Good luck,
 > -Jim

Thanks!  I'll give that a try, or even compiling the kernel with the 
'PCI access' set to BIOS instead of ANY...   Though your note is a 
little disconcerting Jim, as I tried both 2.4.20 and 2.5.53, but maybe 
the fixes there don't reflect the newer SK41G and maybe it sill requires 
the kernel option on boot.  Either way, thanks!