[mythtv] hardware questions

m0j0.j0j0 mythtv-dev@snowman.net
31 Dec 2002 12:15:16 -0600

Thanks for the reply!

> > Has anyone tested the
> > S/PDIF output? This seems like the perfect card for Myth (hardware
> > MJPEG, cheap, stereo, etc). Are there any reasons to go with something
> > else that I'm overlooking? What drawbacks are there to using MJPEG
> > (quality, file size, ????)
> The file sizes are definately going to be larger than mpeg4 at similar
> resolutions but the quality seems pretty darn good.  You also need a
> reasonably hefty cpu to decode full resolution mjpeg in real time (although
> there may be some optomizations to be done with the decoding sw).  TV-Out
> was a pain to set up but I'm reasonably happy with it now.

Do you think the lesser CPU-load due to the hardware MJPEG encoding
significantly out-ways the extra load gained from doing real-time
decoding? If in the end using a G200 doesn't really lower my CPU load
much, I'd probably be better off buying a nice simpler-to-setup tuner,

Can you clarify "reasonably happy" regarding the TV-Out? I'm wondering
if I'm better off just buying a VGA-TO-NTSC converter than messing
around getting TV-Out card like the G200 working.