[mythtv] vga to ntsc (again)

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I have no idea myself, but was thinking about why the output is so nice
from my xbox (with mod chip and xbmp2.1 installed) while playing videos.
Its partly because I have a component set of cables running from the
xbox instead of something like svideo. The picture is a helluva lot
better than the tv out on any of my numerous graphics cards (ranging
from a geforce 2 - ti 4600 and an ati 9700). Was thinking the cabling
alone was making a big difference, though maybe not. 

So something like
=G126-1020 would theoretically be much better than what's available on
most video cards I would think, if only because of the component video
out. Much depends on the converter chip though I guess. Be nice to find
some reviews or hear about people's experiances with these external

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So I asked the above question in the v4l group and the response
was resoundingly against a converter, instead, to use the video
out from a Matrox G400 Dual Head (for instance).  Yet I recall 
seeing somewhere that it was not desirable to use a video out
signal from a video card.  What gives?  It's starting to sound
like there's 75% of a solution here, since I'm not going to watch
shows on my monitor and there doesn't seem to be a viable solution
to TV output.

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