[mythtv] Play and Delete window resize bug in 0.7?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:41:15 -0500

On Sunday 29 December 2002 05:32 pm, Dave Caplinger wrote:
> OK, I've searched the archives and didn't find it so maybe this is a
> real, unreported bug (or maybe it's fixed in CVS; there's no way to tell
> that I can figure out short of installing and running the CVS code,
> which seems to be strongly discouraged.)

'slong as you're aware that stuff can be broken, running CVS is fine =)

> Has anyone else seen this?  If this is fixed and there's someplace else
> I could have looked to find this out, please let me know and I'll be
> sure to look there in the future.  Thanks!

I'm _pretty_ sure this is fixed now.

> PS - Does anyone else think it's a bit odd that the Play and Delete
> windows sort their recordings in different orders?  I have lots (!) of
> Trading Spaces recorded from TLC's Christmas Day marathon, and when I
> want to delete one, I have to manually remember the exact time of the
> one I just watched so I can go to the Delete window and find that one to
> delete it.  I know this has been a point of contention in the past, but
> in my opinion, when the application makes the user have to memorize
> things when going from one area to another, then the user interaction
> design has "an opportunity for improvement." :-)

CVS is better about this now -- you can delete from the playback box (by 
hitting D), and play from the delete box (by hitting P).  There's also 
optional dialog boxes that appear when you exit a recording or when it 
finishes playing that ask if you want to delete the show.