[mythtv] MythTV in germany -- again

Leeman2000 mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 19:43:33 +0100

Hello, I m sorry to disturb with this topic again but I tryed to get 
MythTV to work in germany, but I failed in getting the Database for the 
channels to work...
I tryed to grab the TV-Listings with tv_grab_de -- which failed, after 
this I read in the Mailinglists about the patch and tryed to apply it -- 
failed again (seems to be a newer version of tv_grab_de than that from 
the patch)
Next I tryed to use the XML-Output from the nxtvepg -- Result : Filled 
epg-Database, filled Channels-Database (As I think with useless data 
cause I cant tune in MythTV I only see rubish "snow" so the Tuner works, 
but the command line says that my database doesnt contain 
could someone give me the patched tv_grab_de or eventually his 
channels-db exportet from MySQL ?

Thanks !
and as I can say so far (from screenshots and a little test by tuning-in 
by using xawtv) A GREAT SOFTWARE !!!