[mythtv] Design questions

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:28:33 -0500

On Saturday 28 December 2002 06:35 pm, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Since shortly after the split, I've been experimenting
> with modifying the source to have the clients connect to
> the name of my backend server rather than the hardcoded
> "localhost". This works with some caveats. I did this
> on the assumption that this was the intent but remote
> frontends hadn't been fully implemented yet. I assume by
> the hostname field added to capturecard and recorded that
> multiple backends will be supported but since the hostname
> is not being filled in the recorded table this probably
> isn't implemented yet.

Remote frontends should currently be working almost as well as local ones, 
with the exception of stuff like bookmarks, editing, channel icons, etc.

> I'm now wondering if maybe the plan is to have a backend
> on each system with a frontend. So a couple quick question
> just to make sure I'm working in the same direction that
> the design is going:

A frontend won't have to run on the same system as a backend.

> 1) Will frontends connect to backends on remote hosts?

Yup.  One backend server will be designated the master server, and all 
frontends will initially connect to that.  The master server should be the 
only one running mysql.

> 2) If a frontend must connect to a backend on the localhost
> will a backend run without a tuner card?

A backend must have a tuner card.

> 3) Will frontends connect to each backend to get the files
> or live tv tuners they server or will one backend serve
> all the resources a frontend needs?

The master backend server will tell the frontend where to connect to for each 
file / live tv tuner.

> 4) Since different hosts may have different frontend
> settings (overscan, deinterlace, theme dimensions, etc.)
> is there a plan for per host setting?

Yup.  Just added a hostname field to the settings table earlier today.