[mythtv] Start using Mythtv/cvs

Lego Andy mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 09:47:54 -0500

Hi All,

Just switched from debian packages of mythtv to the cvs and I like it
so far. There are couple of minor things, such as:

1. Out of source build does not work. You have to build Mythtv in the
directory that contains source code. This is just a small annoyance,
but can be fixed by using some different build tool.

2. Database got a bit messed up and so I had to do some hacking of
mc.sql in order to get it to work fine.

3. Setup is now graphical. Great. Looks very professional.

4. mythfilldatabase now seems to find icons for programs. Cool.

5. After doing all that, I started mythbackend and mythfrontend and
mythfrontend said: "cannot connect to backend server". I found that
there is IP hardcoded in /usr/local/share/mythtv/backend_setttings.txt I think it would be better if there would be localhost
hardcoded? Anyway, fixing that allowed me to open mythfrontend.

6. When selecting "Watch TV", the backend segfaults. Looking through
settings (again, looking professional), I found a whole bunch of
hardcoded paths pointing to /mnt/something and since I do not have
that directory, myth crashed. After fixing this, I can watch tv.

7. TV is choppy and sound is interrupting. Looking through settings, I
found that it is doing mp3 encoding, so I disabled it. Now I can watch
tv. I am recording a show as we speak. 

Couple of minor things I noticed:

1. All text entry widgets are acting strange. When inserting text,
cursor is jumping to the end of the text. So, for example if you type
"foo bar", then try to insert "and" between, you will have to do
something like this: go to end of foo, insert 'a', cursor jumps to the
end, go back, insert 'n', cursor jumps to the end... This can be a bit
annoying. So, I deleted text and write it from scratch. That works fine.

2. Spinboxes do not seem to allow text entry. Slightly annoying, but
not a show stopper.

3. On the output of mythbackend, I see the following messages:
"strange error flushing buffer ..." Is that something serious?

Cool, I like mythtv. 

Here are some small suggestions:

1. Better management of recorded shows. Hierarchical organization with
folders would be great. That way, I could let say have all episodes of
one show together. 

2. Importing of videos to the TV would be also great, as I can get
some shows from DVD-s and similar sources.

Great work otherwise.