[mythtv] Dumb Question time

Anil Gupte mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 23:37:51 -0600

So, I am a dumb newbie who wants to get started on my little PVR project.
But I was thinking, why buy a PC, install video card, mess with
drivers/interrupts/libraries, etc...?  From what I understand, Tivo uses a
form of Linux, why not start there?  If I bought a Tivo and even completely
removed the OS and replaced it with Debian or something like it, I would
have the beginnings of a PVR.  Of course, I would need some way to talk to
the encoder chip and so on, but I am presuming the manufacturer could
provide libraries or something to make that easier to do.  I realize that
possibly obviates the need for something like MythTV, but hey, I said "Dumb
Question Time" did I not? :-)

Anyone want to laugh at this in detail?

Anil Gupte