[mythtv] public cvs access

Cedar McKay mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 20:05:50 -0800

On Thursday, December 26, 2002, at 04:14  PM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> Cedar McKay wrote:
>> I noticed that you can no longer download a tarball of the cvs as an 
>> anonymous user. I'm assuming this is on purpose. I understand Isaac 
>> and other experts not liking the stream of questions from people who 
>> try to use the cvs because it is the "latest and greatest" rather 
>> than for testing/debugging/developing. However, I think there are a 
>> lot of users like me who have been quietly following the cvs, don't 
>> bug the list, and occasionally offer useful info back to the 
>> developers. I like to think that I'm contributing to the project in 
>> my own small way by maintaining the Red Hat section of the 
>> documentation. I feel a little cut out of the loop by this latest 
>> move. I would like to propose that the anonymous cvs downloads be 
>> restored, but perhaps you would have to click through a page that 
>> warns you something like " The cvs is for expert users only and that 
>> it is expected that things may be broken, please don't email the 
>> developer list unless you feel confident that you have a real bug 
>> that the developers need to know about". Then we would click an 
>> "agree" button and then be allowed access to the downloadable cvs. I 
>> think that would keep the bulk of the pestering questions at bay, 
>> while still allowing interested people to follow and contribute.
> Doing a normal CVS checkout is faster and easier than getting
> the tarballs from the ViewCVS web program.
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-1.html

Yes, was aware of the command line cvs checkout option. When I tried it 
earlier today (twice) it wasn't working. But it is working now, so all 
is well.