[mythtv] LiveTV

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 12:42:06 -0500

On Sunday 22 December 2002 10:03 am, Robert Dege wrote:
> Okay, I've got 2 strange things occurring when trying to watch LiveTV.
> 1) I get no audio.  Here are error messages output by mythbackend:
> only read -1 from 4096 bytes from '/dev/dsp0'
> read audio: Input/output error

So, you've got a problem with your sound card/drivers.  I doubt that it's 
anything in mythtv.  Try changing the sound card driver (kernel->ALSA or 
ALSA->kernel) and/or change around the sampling rate, etc.

> 2) In setup, I changed the LiveTV buffer to /myth/video/livetv.nuv.
> However, when I run livetv, a file called /myth/video/ringbuf.nuv is
> generated instead, which I believe was the default value.
> Not sure what I'm missing here.

Many of the options in the GUI setup do not yet take affect until after a 
restart, and I think some of them aren't even used yet.  That'll all change 
soonish, though.