[mythtv] WinTV GO and btaudio... no sound

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 00:29:18 -0800

On 21 Dec 2002 at 22:59, Bruce Markey wrote:

> didn't like the on-board audio. When I added a second tuner,
> I re-enabled the on-board as ALSA card-1 for the sole
> purpose of using the DSP for the second tuner. This may
> not apply to your system but I got around having to use
> the btaudio module.

How do you get all the audio _cleanly_ out to your speakers/stereo system 
from both tv cards?  I want to get btaudio working so I won't have to go the 
route you took.  Mind you I reenabled the onboard sound in the bios and setup 
the appropriate modules for it so that I could if all else fails use both the 
onboard and add in soundcards.  

This just strikes me as inelegant and a mess cable and signal level wise 

I have the creative desktop theatre 5.1 speaker system and I don't have 
anymore inputs into the control module so, I am knocking on wood that we'll 
get this sorted out soon.

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