[mythtv] WinTV GO and btaudio... no sound

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:59:07 -0800

Robert Dege wrote:
> Ya know, that makes sense.  I always thought that tvaudio was needed to
> send the audio to the line-out port.  So I rmmod'ed msp3400, btaudio, and
> tvaudio, and was still able to hear audio from line-out on the the card
> with xawtv.  Unless bttv is failing to correctly auto-detect the correct
> sound chip on the card... but that's probably reaching.
> I think the thing that confused me the most is that I thought several
> people on the list claimed to get btaudio working with the WinTV-Go card.
> I'll have to read through the list archives & check that out.

I've seen that the features of the cards can change from
one rev to the next. Specifically, there are big differences
in the WinTV model 401 packages.

> I'd really hate to get a different WinTV card to get this setup working.

I don't know your setup but I use a sound card because I
didn't like the on-board audio. When I added a second tuner,
I re-enabled the on-board as ALSA card-1 for the sole
purpose of using the DSP for the second tuner. This may
not apply to your system but I got around having to use
the btaudio module.

--  bjm