[mythtv] WinTV GO and btaudio... no sound

Gregorio Gervasio Jr. mythtv-dev@snowman.net
21 Dec 2002 22:52:10 -0800

>>>>> On Sat, 21 Dec 2002 08:28:06 -0800, "Harondel J. Sibble" <help@pdscc.com> said:

>> sox -w -r 32000 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp1 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp

h> OKay, what should happen when one types that?

        It's just supposed to take sound input directly from the card
and play it out on the default sound output -- you should hear
whatever your TV card is playing (assuming the card is tuned to a
valid channel).  Anyway, this suggestion was in the short doc for
btaudio in the Linux kernel source tree:  Documentation/sound/btaudio.
Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.