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Mike Payson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 16:59:56 -0800

I don't intend this site to compete with anyone. Both of the other sites you 
mention are MythTV related sites. That is not what linuxdvrnews.com will be.  
Instead, this site is intended to do just what it's name says-- provide news 
on the Linux DVR movement. While I do hope to have lots of newbie 
information, it's not intended to be a newbie site. Instead, think of it as 
Slashdot, but with a much narrower focus of news on and of interest to the 
Linux DVR community. There are many projects outside of MythTV, and this is 
intended to support all of them.


On Friday 20 December 2002 04:14 am, Henk Poley wrote:
> > Van: Mike Payson <mpayson@dawgdayz.com>
> >
> > I've setup a new weblog site to track the developments in the Linux DVR
> > world. Not much there now, but hopefully with everyone's help we can
> > build this into a great community resource. I envision hardware &
> > software reviews, links to all of the various projects, version tracking
> > of relevant packages, and more.
> >
> > Very soon (probably tomorrow), it will be accessible at
> > http://www.linuxdvrnews.com, but in the meantime, you can check it out
> > at http://www.runlinux.net/dvr (just waiting for the DNS to update...).
> You might join efforts with other sites, IMHO:
> http://www.supermegaultragroovy.com/mythbox
>  - a place where you can buy working MythTV setups and off coarse get a
> suggestion on how to DIY one.
> http://freeplaytv.org/
>  - this guy is working on intergrating DVD in MythTV (isn't it?). Could
> become a 'unstable' (you get the jargon) development site?
> http://www.linuxdvrnews.com/
>  - global hardware info, wiki, reviews, link site. Pretty much a
> newbie/user community. Not only about MythTV. And don't forget that there
> are other people outside America, please.
> :-)  OR  :-(  ?
> btw, take a look at eBoxy, not a really great system, but the guy has done
> lots of investigation around the net and put everything on his homepage
> (yup MythTV is also mentioned ;-). If only he had put it in a less
> "academic style" it would have been great.
> I found out that there are plenty of other PVR (or at least video) related
> OpenSource projects on the internet. A couple of them are even in a state
> like MythTV (usable, but still developping).
> 	Henk Poley <><
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