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I don't know if that article applies to me, it seems specifc to via
chipsets... only mention of SBlive was giving it as an example of something
which didn't work right due to the via bug (unless I missed something, which
is entirely possible considering the navigation controls on that site are in
german ;)

I also run an sis735 board, with athlon xp1800+ and radeon 7500 (non-aiw)
and hauppauge wintv. This list was the first I'd ever heard of Gatos... I
googled for it and found the project homepage, but I'm a bit unclear on what
the purpose is... from the limited info available on the website, it sounds
like the main purpose of the project is to get vid4linux support (and
related tools) for radeon AIW cards... but both you and m0j0 mentioned
you're running the gatos drivers despite having non-AIW radeons... is there
supposed to be some performance benefit to this?

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About SBLive(dma contention pig):  You might appreciate TecChannel's
discussion of the problem.
http://www.tecchannel.de/hardware/817/index.html.  One of things you notice
is that all the VIA motherboards at the time had serious dma performance
The same problem was also encountered by the Linux guy who does Iomega Jazz
Serguei Miridonov <mirsev@cicese.mx> (search for vialatency & linux on

As far as performance on individual systems, I average about 85% (mpeg4) on
Leadtek 7350kda (SIS735) with 512mb of cas 2.5 ddr memory using a Athlon
XP2000.  Sound is a Hoontech Digital XG (YMF754), and disks are u2w scsi
on a symbios 8751?. TV-capture card is a Hauppauge WinTV stereo. Video is
an ATI Radeon 7500 using the Gatos XFree drivers + drm patches.

Even using on RTjpeg recording my old system with KT133 motherboard (athlon
stutters at 640x480 (looks like memory or bus bandwidth issues).

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