[mythtv] Best Tuner Card?

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:29:06 -0800

Michael D. Cencula wrote:
> FWIW, if you plan to buy a Hauppauge WinTV Radio card,
> be sure you get the one that comes with the free remote control.
> I bought a second model Hauppauge WinTV Radio card (it was a
> model 401...just like my old card) off eBay recently and found
> it was somewhat different than the one I already had.  I think the
> "brand new" card I purchased off eBay was actually older than the
> one I got at CompUSA a year ago.

Interesting. I got a couple model 401 (rev 2) cards that
I was happy to find. I use separate sound cards (one on
board and a PCI card) so I haven't needed btaudio. I did
see a box at CompUSA that looked almost the same but said
"model 401-dbx" and pictured a remote on the box.

The difference was that CompUSA had a price of $99 for the
401-dbx. The "model 401" cards I got at Office Max were
$29. For $70 I don't need their remote ;-). For $29 I got
an FM card with S-video in and an internal audio connector
that the WinTV-GO-FM (model 191 usually ~$70) doesn't have.
The WinTV-GO without FM even sells for $40-$50.

But your point is well taken. There are multiple packages
marked "model 401*" so know what you are getting. For anyone
who doesn't need the remote, the Office Max clearance price
is a real bargin.

--  bjm