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These errors may be caused by a bug in the alsa rc5 drivers.  It has been fixed in rc6.  If you aren't using alsa, try compiling and using the alsa sound modules instead.

Dave Madsen

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Subject: RE: [mythtv] "Strange Error Flushing Buffer" problem

>VIDIOCSYNC0: Invalid argument
>VIDIOCSYNC1: Invalid argument
I got this once before when I typo'd the capture resolution in my
settings.txt (640x4800 :)

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Subject: [mythtv] "Strange Error Flushing Buffer" problem

After reading all of the archives and trying a number of things, I'm
still getting this "strange error flushing buffer" problem. Myth will
run now for about 15 seconds in Live TV mode (I am able to pause and
unpause TV during this time) before dying in a series of

VIDIOCSYNC0: Invalid argument
VIDIOCSYNC1: Invalid argument

lines repeating over and over again (after this, the whole system is
fairly unstable; typically no other programs will start without
faulting). I don't think the error is because of my sound card because I
tried a SB PCI 16 which I saw recommended as a good solution for people
with on-board sound and still cannot get any farther than this.

I'm using release 0.7 on RedHat 8 (NVidia GF2MX with latest drivers,
Athlon XP 1800+)

Is anyone aware of any other situations beside the sound card that would
cause this "Strange error flushing buffer" problem?? This is really a
project I'd like to contribute, but I need to get past this show stopper
and get the thing working well on my machine.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Bowman <richard@bowmansoft.com>

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