[mythtv] "Strange Error Flushing Buffer" problem

Richard Bowman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
17 Dec 2002 18:37:49 -0500

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 16:52, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 December 2002 11:07 am, Richard Bowman wrote:
> > 
> > Not positive, but having everything in your box share a single IRQ might be 
> > causing your problems.  I'd try turning off acpi or whatever it is in the 
> > BIOS that causes this and see..
> Ya, five things sharing the same IRQ is unexpected. You
> probably want to change this even if it doesn't fix this
> specific problem.

Well, there are four listed there, and I believe two of them are the TV
card. But yes, a storage controller is on the same IRQ (only serves a
DVD and Zip drive), and the USB controller.

Problem is, the other IRQ's are also pretty full and sharing (10 has
Ethernet and Sound), (9 has ACPI which can't be disabled), 5 has a
firewire controller, 14 and 15 have other IDE controllers. I've never
had any problems before this, however.

> "cat /proc/pci" will show info for all PCI devices including
> their IRQs. Motherboards are all different but most list the
> PCI devices and their IRQs just before the LILO menu come up.
> Look in you motherboard's user's manual for PCI Configuration
> and Integrated Peripherals. Disable on-board devices that you
> won't be using. I don't have a printer attached so I disable
> the parallel port to free up IRQ 7. Other things you might
> be able to turn off: COM2, USB, on-board sound, etc. If there
> is an option the enable or disable ACPI try reversing it.

I guess I've just got this computer too maxed out. I truly thought once
we got rid of ISA slots that IRQ problems weren't an issue. Windows
seems to reassign devices to IRQs much higher in number than the first
15. I thought I'd seen Linux do this as well in its bootup, but I don't
seeing remember RedHat 8 doing it, which I have now.

> When I put in a first tuner card, it always shared an IRQ
> with the network card. I believe it was because the slots
> shared the same line. By switching the slots the card were
> in, I got the tuner card to have an IRQ that wasn't shared
> (of course, the tuner has a video and audio device so .0
> and .1 of the device are always listed with the same IRQ).
> It doesn't have to be the only thing on an IRQ but I'd rather
> not have it share with the network or disk.

I'm going to update the MB's BIOS, so I can hopefully have a bit more
control over the IRQ's.