[mythtv] Do I need a new Video Card?

David Madsen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:42:01 -0700

Several things to check..

The sound may be lagging because you are hearing the direct line in stream
instead of the recorded playback.  Check your mixer and make sure the line
in device is set to capture, but is muted.  the PCM/wave  volume should be
up as well as the master.

Also make sure your hard drive is using DMA.  hdparm -d1 /dev/hddevice
should turn it on.  You may need to check that you have support for your IDE
controller built into the kernel.  use dmesg and check the boot log for
messages about it.

Third., what settings are you using in settings.txt?   resolution,
compression codec?  I had mine working fine for watching live tv with a PIII
500, using something like 252x320 resolution or something.. Same resolution
as VCD's using the rtjpeg codec.

Also, have you built the DRI modules for the radeon?  I did do that as well.
Make sure your Xserver is using the accelerated drivers

Good Luck.

Dave Madsen
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Subject: [mythtv] Do I need a new Video Card?

> I'm having problems with the Video that is displayed with Myth. It seems
that the video is Choppy and lags the sound by about 5 - 10 seconds. The
Specs on my box are:
> Redhat 8.0
> Duron 950
> 256 MB
> 30 GB ATA-100 (7200RPM) Hard Drive
> ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 7500 (Not Using TV In or the Gatos Drivers)
> Win TV GO
> XawTV works fine. I heard there were problems with the TV Capture function
in the ATI AIW, so I went out and bought the WinTV card. But that didn't
help out any. I've used Myth 0.7 and CVS versions over the passed 2 weeks
and no change. I've rebuilt the box three times (1st RedHat 8(w/ Gatos), 2nd
Debian, 3rd Redhat 8). So I sure there are not problems there. My CPU Load
is about 45-55% when watching live TV with Myth and my hdpram tells me I'm
getting 25MB/sec Disk Reads.
> So I want to know can my problems be in the Video Card/Drivers? If so what
would be a recommended card? Seems like alot of people here have the GeForce
card. I do need DVI out for my TV. Any recommendations?
> Thanks
> -_Tony
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