[mythtv] Do I need a new Video Card?

mythtv-dev@snowman.net mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 13:28:48 -0500

I'm having problems with the Video that is displayed with Myth. It seems that the video is Choppy and lags the sound by about 5 - 10 seconds. The Specs on my box are:

Redhat 8.0
Duron 950
256 MB
30 GB ATA-100 (7200RPM) Hard Drive
ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 7500 (Not Using TV In or the Gatos Drivers)

XawTV works fine. I heard there were problems with the TV Capture function in the ATI AIW, so I went out and bought the WinTV card. But that didn't help out any. I've used Myth 0.7 and CVS versions over the passed 2 weeks and no change. I've rebuilt the box three times (1st RedHat 8(w/ Gatos), 2nd Debian, 3rd Redhat 8). So I sure there are not problems there. My CPU Load is about 45-55% when watching live TV with Myth and my hdpram tells me I'm getting 25MB/sec Disk Reads. 

So I want to know can my problems be in the Video Card/Drivers? If so what would be a recommended card? Seems like alot of people here have the GeForce card. I do need DVI out for my TV. Any recommendations?


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