[mythtv] MythTV Bug

Robert Kulagowski mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:47:29 -0600

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> When I am watching a
> program or watching "Live" tv every now and then when I fast 
> forward it
> will actually jump back a couple of minutes then it wont let me
> change position at all.  I have to esc out of it  and start the 
> viewing over. 

I have run into the same issue, where the FF doesn't actually jump
forward.  In my case, I've got FF set for a 30 second jump, and it
occurs when I'm watching a pre-recorded program.  According to the
OSD, I'd press FF, and rather than going forward 30 seconds from the
current position, it would actually seem to jump _backwards_ a few
minutes.  At that point, pressing FF would start to work and do the
correct thing.  I've never had it not let me FF and get to the point
where I had to exit out and restart.

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