[mythtv] Questions on CVS install from around 12/05/02

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 14:59:08 -0800

Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> First, and pardon me if someone brought this up already, when mythtv
> starts up fullscreen, it's not REALLY full screen.  There's about a 32-48
> pixel gap along the bottom of frame.  I actually see the window border.  I
> can even drag the border down.  But every time, it starts up around 32-48
> pixels shy of full screen.

You may need some overscan and x displacement. This works
for me:

# Over/underscan options
# do we over or underscan inside mythtv?  either 'overscan' or 'underscan'
str VertScanMode=overscan
str HorizScanMode=overscan
# How much do we chop (or add)?  %, 0 - 100
int VertScanPercentage=2
int HorizScanPercentage=2
# How much do we offset the picture?
int xScanDisplacement=2
int yScanDisplacement=0

--  bjm