[mythtv] EPG / TV overlay problems?

David Madsen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 23:21:39 -0700

No, there doesn't seem to be a difference whether the X server has started
or not.  The text console is still quite crisp and looks good, but like you
said the MX is a bit blurry in X.  While watching livetv or a recorded show
it looks fine.  I did consider finding an older card on the internet, but
decided to put a relatively decent 3d card in the machine since it
occasionally may be used to play games, etc..  Thanks for the suggestion
though.  I got the USB wireless Lan card working today, so were all set to

Dave Madsen
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> David Madsen wrote:
> > Well as fate has it I did bring home a GeForce4 MX :)
> Maybe not fate. You got a new card the same day so I assume
> you went to a store. Most stores don't stock gf2 with tvout
> but have plenty of gf4. Since you want TV and not gaming,
> the MX are cheaper. Been there, done that. If you like the
> tvout on a $80-$100 card, you may like the tvout even more
> on a $30-$40 card where you can adjust overscan, position,
> dot-crawl, etc. However, you may need to shop online to get
> one.
> > ...It's working great so
> > far, and the clarity of the text on the tv is actually quite good.
> > small text from shells in X-Windows is still a challenge, but I'm happy
> > it.  I did take a look at the project though, and it looks tempting..
> For me, the Radeon has much crisper pixels and the fonts
> are easier to read (the status bar in Mozilla is clearly
> legible at 800x600). The GeForce4 MX I tried looked crisp
> in the text mode while booting. However, after starting X
> with the nvidia driver the image was slightly blurred and
> had a slight amber hue. When going back to a virtual
> terminal (CTL-ALT-F2) the text was also blurred and tinted.
> This was clearly different than before starting X. Have
> you seen the same thing?
> --  bjm
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