[mythtv] EPG / TV overlay problems?

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:43:39 -0800

David Madsen wrote:
> Well as fate has it I did bring home a GeForce4 MX :)

Maybe not fate. You got a new card the same day so I assume
you went to a store. Most stores don't stock gf2 with tvout
but have plenty of gf4. Since you want TV and not gaming,
the MX are cheaper. Been there, done that. If you like the
tvout on a $80-$100 card, you may like the tvout even more
on a $30-$40 card where you can adjust overscan, position,
dot-crawl, etc. However, you may need to shop online to get

> ...It's working great so
> far, and the clarity of the text on the tv is actually quite good.  Reading
> small text from shells in X-Windows is still a challenge, but I'm happy with
> it.  I did take a look at the project though, and it looks tempting.. hrmm

For me, the Radeon has much crisper pixels and the fonts
are easier to read (the status bar in Mozilla is clearly
legible at 800x600). The GeForce4 MX I tried looked crisp
in the text mode while booting. However, after starting X
with the nvidia driver the image was slightly blurred and
had a slight amber hue. When going back to a virtual
terminal (CTL-ALT-F2) the text was also blurred and tinted.
This was clearly different than before starting X. Have
you seen the same thing?

--  bjm