[mythtv] Possible Feature? Manual recording

Matthew Burnham mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:07:16 -0000

> Recently seen some (paid) tvguide in the UK which is working 
> on catching the whole EU, seems to be available 1st Q. 2003. 
> Should't be to difficult to just ask what protocol they use 
> and if we may/they will implement a linux based tool. Just a 
> shame I forgot the URL. Try googling for "((tv
> gids) OR tvgids OR tvguide) (belgium OR belgiŽ OR belgique)". 
> Supposedly you understand French and Dutch.

That'll be Digiguide I guess, itís a propriety format, and they seem to
change it whenever someone manages to hack it. They do offer a developer
interface though, and at UKP5/year its not badly prices. Of course, it
only runs on Windows :(

Mat Burnham