[mythtv] Possible Feature? Manual recording

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:02:22 +0100

> Van: Kristof Pelckmans <Kristof.Pelckmans@antwerpen.be>
> Quoting Calvin Harrigan <calvinharrigan@earthlink.net>:
> > I guess what I would like is a
> > way to manually setup a recording time.  Say manually input 11:35pm -
> > 12:00am and then have everything record as expected.
> > Too far fetched.  I'm experimenting with the database and so far it
> > seems possible, just need to add it to the gui/code.  If no one else is
> > working on this and it seems usable to enough folks, I would like to
> > take a stab at it.
> I stumbled along MythTV while getting all my components together for a
> homebrew audio video distribution application using a central Linux
> server. However, using MythTV presently poses one big problem : I live in
> Belgium : unfortunately xml-tv does not support Belgian program guides
> (looking at the possibility of adding the support myself). So in the
> beginning, it would be great to have a feature that enables you to
> 'manually' record a show ! Would I have trouble setting up the database
> when not using xml-tv, or would I just tell to grab UK program guides and
> not use them ?

Erik Arendse (also found on this list) has made a grabber/scraper for
http://www.tvgids.nl/ . He has some more information about running MythTV
outside the US/UK.

Might be a nice place to start. AFAIK most channels received in Holland are
also available in Belgium. And if you find a better webbased tvguide you
have some script to work on with your chainsaw ;-)

Recently seen some (paid) tvguide in the UK which is working on catching
the whole EU, seems to be available 1st Q. 2003. Should't be to difficult
to just ask what protocol they use and if we may/they will implement a
linux based tool. Just a shame I forgot the URL. Try googling for "((tv
gids) OR tvgids OR tvguide) (belgium OR belgiŽ OR belgique)". Supposedly
you understand French and Dutch.

btw, adding a 'normal' timer-function would be nice anyways. There's not
really anything against it. You might gain some users...


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