[mythtv] Trading CPU for disk (capture using low cpu codec?)

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 04:09:28 -0500

On Thursday 12 December 2002 12:42 pm, Henk Poley wrote:
> I guess most of you saw the yesterday article on Slashdot, about the
> "DreamBox", http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/ .  It uses hardware record
> and playback of MPEG2 files (AFAIK). Just the price it a bit high at ~500
> EUR, and it still needs a harddisk (that will make 650 EUR).  And this
> device cannot play CDs/DVDs since it doesn't have a DVD-drive.

Nope.  It uses a dvb card to grab the satellite stream, and so is only useful 
in Europe.

> BTW, >=800MHz Ezra and Eden processors are also quite capable of _playing_
> DVDs (MPEG2) and DivX, even with their bad FPU-performance.  These boxes
> (mini-ITX and book-PCs) are around for 200-400 EUR, all-in most of the
> time.  Misses a TV-in though, plus the harddisk that's too small, 10GB :-(

>From the benchmarks I've seen, those boxes, even the new 933MHz ones, can 
barely playback divx files.

> My bet is still that MythTV costs more, as long as you don't want
> everything. A nice looking silent MythTV-PC in the order of magnitude what
> Isaac uses cost 890-1020 EUR, AFAIK. Unless you go bargainshopping all
> around the internet, but that might show up not to save you that much.

About US$200 for the CPU, motherboard, and RAM to get something faster than 
what I have.  Figure $50 for a decent tuner card, another $50 for an older 
gf2 with a tv out, $50 for a cheap desktop case, and $100 for 80GB of 
harddrive space.  Not terribly expensive.

I think I spent about $80 getting the fan noise down to acceptable levels -- 
quieter than my ps2 and gamecube, at least.

> MMX2 btw...
> Wouldn't it be handy to make a general resize prog that can be piped to the
> actual encoder (you know, capture at 2x the resolution you record at).
> mjpeg has it built in, isn't? It might as well improve DivX compression
> since the uncompressed picture would be cleaner (less 'snow'). And future
> codecs will like it too.

I dunno, I'd think that resizing in software when you can just ask the capture 
card for the lower resolution would be fairly silly.  I doubt you'd get any 
better picture quality out of doing that.