[mythtv] Direct TV Support

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:45:08 -0500

Hmm. All of this work is already done.. IR Receiver / transmitter sets are 
just about the "easiest" (used in quotation marks because I don't really 
know) thing to do.. If you're making home brew, you are no doubt familiar 
with LIRC.. LIRC (www.lirc.org) and winLIRC (www.winlirc.org) include 
almost everything you need to do having to do with IR, especially home 
brew.. I've used winlirc a lot, and it's relatively straight forward, and 
lirc is no doubt as easy..

We are working on DirecTV, but I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with 
your system.. You can let me know a little more on or offlist about the 
following so maybe we can go from there:

1) can you grab the channels with mythfilldatabase?
2) do they display properly?
3) what else is going on.. how does it "not work"?

tarek : )

>I'm working on a home-brew ir receiver and transmitter. I was thinking 
>hacking together
>a script to learn the ir commands from my Sky Digibox (uk) remote for 0-9, 
>plus the
>sequence to put the box in a position to receive a channel change number 
>(The 'Sky'
>button on my remote).
>The script to actually change channels could be very generic. You would 
>run the above
>  script to learn and store the ir codes for your set-top box and the 
> channel change script
>  would look up and send the required ir commands:
>changechannel.pl 105:
>look up code for channel change prepare state   (code for "SKY" button, in 
>my case)
>look up codes for buttons '1','0' and '5'               (codes previously 
>stored for 0-9 buttons)
>send 'SKY','1','0','5'
>This could work for a lot of people, depending on whether it's possible to 
>any remote from a simple serial port receiver.
>I'm a bit stumped with setting up my satellite channels with mythtv. I 
>just need to
>get it to the state where I can add 2 satellite channels to mythtv and get
>mythtv calling the channelchange program. I'm working with 0.7 at the 
>moment, is the
>functionality there yet, or do I need to go for a cvs version?
>Neil Trodden