[mythtv] Feature suggestion, automatic old show deletion.

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:43:29 -0800

Ray wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 06:24:21PM -0500, Chris Pinkham wrote:
>>Why not have an option that says "keep X versions of this show".  So if you
>>select to record the news every day, you could say keep 1 copy so it would
>>overwrite every morning.  Then when you said to record say "Law & Order"
>>anytime it came on, you could say to keep 4 copies of it so it would keep the
>>latest 4 episodes.  You could set it to 5 to keep the M-F versions of a show
>>that comes on every weekday.
> While that would be nice, even just a "delete the oldest show if necessary
> to make room for the new one" would be nice.  I normally don't care how many
> old episodes of any given program are kept but I don't want current
> recording to fail due to lack of space and I don't want to have to manually
> delete every show.

I agree completely. The most important feature here is to
make sure there is always enough room for new recordings.
Probably needs low and high water marks to clear some amount
of space when space is too tight.

I've assumed that things like limiting the number of episodes
would come in time after there are mechanisms for setting per
recording options. We can see this coming in the recording
profiles to set encoding quality on a per-recording basis.

Along with automatic deletion and limiting the number of
episodes, there should also be the ability to mark a
recorded show to be exempt from deletion.

--  bjm