[mythtv] Simple player

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:19:25 -0800

On 10 Dec 2002 at 22:09, Brent Norris wrote:

> I as well.  It is usable, sort of.  It catches about 5 times ever 30
> seconds when you first start it and then it starts working correctly. 
That only happens to me occaisionally... 

The main problem is that sometimes on startup and sometimes after ff'ing, the 
machine can get so i/o bound, it's unusable. The other day it go so bad you 
could ssh in, type your username and it wouldn't go any further, i don't 
remember if I killed myth or it died itself, but I ended up with some weird 
sound and sql errors (something about something missing from the database). I 
think I had to reboot after that to get it working again

> But the CPU is pegged to the max and the quality is not that great.
Quality under RTjpeg looks good here, under Mpeg4, not so good, mind you when 
the quality on mpeg4 approaches what I get with rtjpeg, the framerate drops 
quite a bit, say 20-24fps

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