[mythtv] Segfault... still

Chris Liscio mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 11:37:14 -0500

> > Well that strikes me as very strange.  In fact, the output I was getting
> > was:
> >
> > setValue(something)
> > setValue(somethingElse)
> > ...
> > setValue(
> >
> > and it never changed after that (until I went into another
> settings dialog
> > and it was back to normal again).
> What do you mean by 'it never changed'?  Did it continue to print the same
> string?  Did it go back to the normal setValue(something) messages?
> I could see something like this happenening if the setting
> somehow contained
> CR, LF or other strange things.
> At any rate, I have a few thousand lines of mythtv output that doesn't
> contain any lines like that.

Sorry to be so vague.  By 'it never changed', I mean, the line would sit at
setValue(, but the stuff after the '(' wouldn't appear as expected.  It
would return to the normal state of repeating setValue() lines on the

Anyhow, it doesn't appear to happen at all anymore on my current Debian
setup (gcc 2.95) with the newest CVS stuff.  It was likely a gcc 3.2 +
botched setup issue on my part.  Or, it could have been fixed in the last
few checkins.

One problem I am seeing right now though is that the width and height
settings don't seem to get written properly from the recording profile
editor.  I try to set the width to 640 and it doesn't seem to 'take'.  I
will look into that later, after I figure out how to get TV displaying *at
all* with the newest CVS.

By the way, does live tv ever show up in the newest cvs?  I don't know how
broken to expect it to be right now.  :)