[mythtv] Segfault... still

Chris Liscio mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:01:47 -0500

> > When I try to create a recording profile, I go through all the settings,
> > when I click finish it just goes back to (create new profile).  The
> > output in the terminal is "setValue(" thats it.  Is this the problem?
> Just "setValue(" sounds quite impossible unless your compile is broken.
> The segfault seems to be unrelated to the profile setup.

Actually, I saw setValue( a few times on my earlier install when I entered
one of the settings panels (can't recall right now.  will try to repro in
newest cvs tree when I get Debian fully configured...).

I don't think anything was locking up though.  It may have just been an
extra print statement or something, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.