[mythtv] Re: Problems with WinTV go card..

Chris Hessing mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 20:30:03 -0700 (MST)

Sorry, I should provide better info when I ask for help. 8-)

The machine I am running on is a Shuttle SS40G (FS40 mainboard) with a
1.3Ghz Duron, 256 megs of PC2100 RAM, an NVidia TNT board with TV out, a
WinTV go board, 2 80 Gig Western Digial Hard drives (7200 RPM), and 1 120
Gig Maxtor hard drive (5400 RPM).  --  I know this is way more information
that you need, but just for completeness....

I am running MythTV 0.7.  The problem I am having is kinda strange, and
perhaps I should have asked the question differently. 8-)

I am running Slackware 8.1, with a custom built 2.4.20 kernel.  I have the
bttv driver set up as a module.  When I use the driver that came with the
kernel, overlay mode works in xawtv, but grabdisplay mode doesn't.  (It
just shows a window filled with blue.)  When I try to run MythTV, all I
get is a blue screen, no matter what channel it is tuned to, and no matter
what input I select with "C".   Since both xawtv in grabdisplay mode, and
MythTV show the blue screen, I jumpped to the conclusion that MythTV was
using grabdisplay mode to show the video.  (It sounds like I am wrong on
that point.)

Since I couldn't get that to work, I installed the latest bttv driver.
(0.9.2, along with the V4L2 patches)  With this new driver, when I use
overlay mode in xawtv, the overlay piece of the video is shifted to the
left, and the video is in black and white.  (I did double check to make
sure that I was in NTSC mode, and on the correct channel, just to make
sure that wasn't the problem.)  When I turn on grabdisplay mode, the color
is correct (as long as I capture at 320x200), and everything is where it
should be.   If I capture at anything higher than 320x200, everything is
pretty much black and white, with some strange color artifacts around the

After I rebooted the box, I couldn't get the picture to display again, no
matter what driver I was using. 8-(

And, since I am telling you all about my problems, I am having a strange
problem with audio.  When I did manage to get video with MythTV, and I
paused what I was watching, the audio continued to play (it didn't pause
with the video).   When I unpaused what I was watching, the video picked
up from where I paused at, but the audio was what was coming from the TV
tuner board.  (Also, I am running ALSA 0.9.5 drivers...)  I seem to
remember seeing someone ask this question in the list archives, but I
don't remember seeing a solution...


>On 8 Dec 2002 at 16:27, Chris Hessing wrote:
>> Hello - 
>> I am trying to get MythTV working, and I am really close.  I am using a
>> WinTV Go board, but when I start mythTV, all I get is a blue screen,
>with the
>> audio.  Based on messing around with xawtv, overlay mode works just
>fine, but
>> grabdisplay mode shows the blue screen.
>Generally speaking you should be using overlay. Are you getting any
>video at all?  I assume you have selected television as your input source
>xawtv right?  
>Actually just reread your message, what happens if you hit "c" at that
>in mythtv to change the video input? Hitting c multiple times will cycle 
>through the input choices.  
>Are you running ver 0.7 of myth? I seem to vaguely remember the same 
>experience when I was first running 0.6.
>Also what is your other hardware? Video card etc?