[mythtv] X10 MouseRemote for Linux

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Mon, 09 Dec 2002 18:25:47 +0000

The best remote I found is the ATI wonder RF remote (you can get them with the 
all in wonder 7500 and 8500dv or separatly). They are X10 remote but I cannot 
found the same remote on the X10 page (the closest is the X10 UR74A and the 
price is the same as the ATI remote). The driver that I use is the one from 
the GATOS project (you only need the remote driver nothing else) and it is 
easy to configure in X. 
> My barebones case will be here in two days!
> I saw on the list someone asking about remotes, and that got me to start
> looking around. Has anyone used X10 MouseRemote? Hate the banners, like the
> products. The closest thing I found was http://www4.pair.com/gribnif/ha/
> -- Brian
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