[mythtv] How do I migrate the mythtv install to another partition

Christopher Mind mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 08 Dec 2002 21:45:55 +0000

I was wondering how I can migrate the mythtv installation or data files to a 
new linux installation.  The movie files need not be moved as I am just 
moving the mythtv installation to another linux partition.  I am thinking 
about the recorded shows list and any other important config files.  The EPG 
can be recreated anyway by mythfilldatabase and I can always set the titles 
to be recorded.  Great Work.  Excellent Program.

Also, Any suggestion on which windows manager to run mythtv on?  KDE3 has 
problems with irxevent (the terminal from which I run mythfrontend flashes) 
when I escape from the schedule recording window.  WindowMaker  seems to be 
fine but the screen gets wiped out after a few minutes of inactivity and is 
restored by the mouse movement.  I think its a screensaver.  Have not 
figured out how to turn it off.
I have also noticed a little problem.  Every now and then my audio gets 
garbled and scratchy.  A reboot fixes the problem but ofcourse the recorded 
show would have to be deleted because its audio is very distorted.  This 
seems to happen after maybe a day of running mythtv continously.  This is 
the reason why I want to recreate it in a fresh partition.  It could by my 
hardware or my linux install.  Thanks a lot

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