[mythtv] Radio

Thor Johnson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 20:11:56 -0500

>My current solution is to add another input to my card labeled
>FMRadio, and to add another channel for the radio station I want
>to record.  This has the side effect of treating the radio like
>a video source.  This allows me to schedule the radio along with
>the TV (which is required since it's the same piece of hardware)
>and also includes the potential for all the normal live TV
>features like pausing.

Very cool.  It would also be nice to support other "input devices"
for the radio (e.g. if I have a D-Link USB FM receiver and a BTTV
card)... PiP would be kinda an academic question though ;)

>However, I haven't figured out an elegant solution to dealing with
>the video while only working with an audio stream.  In particular
>I'm trying to decide if I should hack the NuppelVideo code, or
>just create my own audio-only solution.  Both seem like bad ideas,
>so I figured I'd make sure there wasn't another path I should try
>to pursue.

Maybe there should be a way to designate a different compressor
for each medium.  I'm not familiar with NuppleVideo, but if it 
doesn't provide much over MP3...

Maybe something like a table that indicates:
Name 	Src    				MiscSetup   Tuner	Encoder
TV   	/dev/LineIn				BTTV: TV	BTTV	NuppleVideo
FM	/dev/LineIn				BTTV: FM	BTFM	Lame
Moxi	http://moxifm.com/feed.mp3				Lame

I'm not sure how you could handle all the I/O funkyness, but it
seems like something linux can do with all of its pipeyness.

FWIW, and feel free to shoot them thar idears down ;)
-Thor Johnson