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Mark Musone mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 16:37:12 -0500

I actually like the ability to separate the audio and video inputs and
outputs..for my own reasons...
I would love the for ability to direct/redirect the individual

so my vote goes for trying to modify it so that an "advanced" setting
allows you to specify a video and audio
device on a per-recording or per-live-watching basis

in reality, it already kinda does it (you do have to specify /dev/dsp in
the settings file)


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I'm slowly working on integrating radio recording into myth. I've
figured out enough of the code to hack something together, but I wanted
to get a reality check before I went any further.

My current solution is to add another input to my card labeled FMRadio,
and to add another channel for the radio station I want to record.  This
has the side effect of treating the radio like a video source.  This
allows me to schedule the radio along with the TV (which is required
since it's the same piece of hardware) and also includes the potential
for all the normal live TV features like pausing.

However, I haven't figured out an elegant solution to dealing with the
video while only working with an audio stream.  In particular I'm trying
to decide if I should hack the NuppelVideo code, or just create my own
audio-only solution.  Both seem like bad ideas, so I figured I'd make
sure there wasn't another path I should try to pursue.

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