[mythtv] Confirmation on shiftbuffer discarding (was: TiVo Series2)

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 08:11:04 +0100

At 3-12-02 06:37,  Brent Borghese <brent@bborghese.com> wrote:
>On Tivo you can do almost every thing with just 4 buttons, left, right,
>up and down.  That would include watching live tv, playing recorded
>programs, changing options, etc...
Should be an improvement for MythTV as well. The way it now works you have 
to know what button does what, especially when cutting commercials.
I prefer cursorkeys plus enter plus backup (escape, whatever) functionality 
though myself.
And perhaps an "info" key, which shows the OSD, tickertape, context 
sensitive key-help, etc.

>Also, one thing that myth tv needs to do always record live tv, if it is
>not recording a program. This will let you watch a show, pause it, go
>set a different program to be recorded at another time and then go back
>to your live tv without missing anything.
Agreed. But already there: you can access the EPG, add a recording, return 
to your program. Just don't switch to the other channel.

Perhaps easy to implement is another related request which came up on this 
list some time ago: if you accidentally change a channel you loose 
your  timeshiftbuffer.

My suggestion for a solution: if the timeshiftbuffer has been used (for 
shifting) since the last channelchange, ask the user confirmation if he 
really wants to change channel and loose the buffer. And naturally a 
setting to switch off this behaviour for people who'd hate it...