[mythtv] Myth TV problems

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 16:08:52 +0100

At 2-12-02 15:56, you wrote:
>But once I attempt to change the channel the screen
>freezes.   I have to kill mythfrontend to get to work again.
99% sure it's the audio driver.

Unless you use the latest ALSA (rc6) don't complain... :-)

>Second problem is I get an error about unable to open /dev/dsp when I start
>to watch live tv.
Could be you use devfs, or any other reason why your sound does hot have a 
/dev/dsp. First have a /dev/dsp working, that start mythtv.

>I'm guessing that my alsa driver doesn't support the full duplex ablity of 
>my card.  Any suggestions other than a new card?
See point 1...

>I'm able to watch TV witout problems using xawtv, other than the color is
>fairly washed out.   But sound/video here work just fine.
>I can also play wave files in KDE without any problems.
Both don't use soundcard for full duplex, xawtv just mixes analog in to 
analog out, and playing waves is only playing.
Mythtv must use be able to use the soundcard for both recording and paying 
at the same time.