[mythtv] Hard lockup

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 08:41:46 +0100

At 29-11-02 21:44, you wrote:
>   I am fine as long as I don't watch live tv (I haven't tried recording
>   shows yet either...).  When I watch live TV, it will sometimes work for
>   a minute or two then lock HARD (no ctl-alt-f1, no nothing).  Most times,
>   it will lock just after the audio starts up.
>    Integrated Sound (ALSA: intel8x0 driver)

That's your problem... I have the same "soundcard", same symptoms. I just 
live with it and only use MythTV for developing, not yet for real. Tested 
with a SB16 clone on the same hardware works OK (I do have multiple slots 
:-). I just hope ALSA will improve their drivers somewhat more, the rc5 bug 
had me really stumped for quite a while, but this still is not workable.

What you could do is try the original VIA reference drivers from their 
site, not sure if they are workable with MythV though, didn't try it myself 
as I want a 100% sourcecode system.

If this continues I'll just have to buy new hardware :-(