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John mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 21:50:35 -0500 (EST)

I had this type of off by one tuning until I used the correct module
parameters to set my tuner type.  When I did so my picture quality
improved greatly.  See the bttv documentation.   Before I set the currect
tuner type I had to use canada-cable but now that I specify the correct
tuner type I can use us-cable.
If that does not fix it you might want to look at the finetune field in
the channel table, I think that does what you are looking for.
> I am about ready to throw my hands up in the air. After screwing mythtv
> up  when trying to get 2 tv cards working with it, this weekend I did a
> clean  install of mdk8.2 and mythtv 7.0:
> 1) As before I get sound but no video, basically I have no idea where
> to go  with this next. Xawtv works fine. Suggestions?
> 2) Due to the fact that using canada-cable results in channels being
> skewed  by 1 (if I set a recording for channel 45, it actually records
> the contents  of 44), I have to use us-cable, however this requires
> (under xawtv) that I  add a tuning factor of -7 for all the channels,
> how do I do this under  mythtv? Is this even currently possible.
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