[mythtv-commits] Ticket #13315: Use fully-decoded URL paths when translating to local paths

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Tue Nov 20 18:17:45 UTC 2018

#13315: Use fully-decoded URL paths when translating to local paths
 Reporter:  ijc               |          Owner:  Peter Bennett
     Type:  Patch - Bug Fix   |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor             |      Milestone:  30.0
Component:  MythTV - General  |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium            |     Resolution:
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Comment (by ijc):

 Most (all?) of the `RemoteFile` methods seem to take some variant on
 `QString url` and then reasonably promptly do a `QUrl qurl(url)` to turn
 it into a structured URL.

 I think it would make sense to push the use of `QUrl` into the method
 arguments, this will then propagate up the call chain to whichever places
 are currently failing to properly encode which can then be fixed. It also
 seems like the right thing to do -- if these things are going to be
 treated as URLs we should probably use the right type for them.

 One wrinkle is that some (all?) of these methods also handle an argument
 which is a local path and not a URL at all. I think that's OK, all it
 means is these become `QUrl`'s with a scheme of `file` and this all comes
 out in the wash.

 I'll give this a go, I expect it'll be a big patch and take a little while
 to do...

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