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Sat Nov 10 10:47:06 UTC 2018

#13347: lyrics: letssingit false postives
     Reporter:  ijc                   |      Owner:  paulh
         Type:  Bug Report - General  |     Status:  new
     Priority:  major                 |  Milestone:  needs_triage
    Component:  Plugin - MythMusic    |    Version:  Master Head
     Severity:  medium                |   Keywords:
Ticket locked:  0                     |
 The letssingit lyrics grabber always returns success (and a mostly empty
 boilerplate xml result) even when it has found nothing. This makes the
 frontend stop scanning grabbers at that point and just show an empty
 lyrics page from letssingit, even if subsequent grabbers would have

 In fact I have never seen the letssingit search succeed and when I visit
 the URL which the script is hitting e.g.
 https://search.letssingit.com/?a=search&l=song&s=The+Beatles+Hey+Jude with
 FireFox I get presented with a "Prove you aren't a robot" captcha thing.
 Or I did earlier today -- right now the site simply isn't responding from
 my IP although it is from my VPS -- I suspect I have failed the test and
 been blacklisted!

 I'm not sure we can (or should) bypass the captcha so I will attach a
 patch which drops this particular lyrics grabber (AFAICT just removing the
 file is enough, there is no listing in a `.pro` file etc to be removed).

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