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Fri Dec 8 22:11:26 UTC 2017

#13184: Mythtv-setup hangs in Capture Card
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Comment (by rallan@…):

 Further to my original post, I MAY not have understood how Capture Card is
 supposed to work. When a new card is created, it appears as a new entry at
 the end of the list of cards. This can be not visible (as it needs
 scrolling to) when pressing the new card request.

 I have now managed to create the new HomeRun card. However it should be
 noted (using remote X11 connection), the Rt-Arrow key is necessary to view
 the configuration sub menu. Pressing the mouse on the screen rt-arrow just
 brings up the menu of available tuners.

 In conclusion, the bug as reported above, may be unjustified. However I
 still have problems with scheduling the HDHomeRuns which whilst working
 don't appear to be recognised by the scheduler

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