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#10800: Inaccurate mythtranscode cuts
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Component:  MythTV - Mythtranscode  |        Version:  0.25-fixes
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 The best way to diagnose this is if you can provide a short sample
 (50-100MB) demonstrating the problem.  Doing so gets a bit complicated
 since it needs to be done in the context of MythVideo.  Here is how it
 would go:

 1. Create a sample: "dd if=/path/to/recording.mpg
 of=/path/to/video_storage_group/sample.mpg bs=1M count=100"
 2. Build the seektable: "mythcommflag --rebuild --video sample.mpg".  Be
 sure to use a file path relative to the Videos storage group, not an
 absolute path.
 3. Edit the recording from within MythVideo playback.  There won't be an
 Edit Recording menu option, so you'll have to enter a keypress for the
 EDIT keybinding ("e" by default).  The network control interface is good
 for this if you don't have an EDIT button mapped.
 4. Run mythtranscode manually: "mythtranscode -i sample.mpg -o edited.mpg
 --video --mpeg2 --honorcutlist".  (I haven't actually tried this step, so
 the options may need adjustment.)
 5. Import edited.mpg into MythVideo by rescanning.  Verify the mismatch
 between sample.mpg+cutlist and edited.mpg.
 6. Upload sample.mpg and extract its cutlist for others to test.
 Unfortunately there's no officially supported way to extract a MythVideo
 cutlist (this is an oversight in mythutil), so it would require running a
 mysql query like this:

 select mark, type from filemarkup where filename='sample.mpg' and type in

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