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#10542: configure incorrectly detects VIA c3 and enables cmov etc...
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Comment (by andrew@…):

 Right here's what I found out:

 1) -march=native is broken for the c3 in all versions of gcc from
 gcc-4.4.4 to gcc-4.6.2 and probably current (see
 [http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45359]) which includes a
 patch to enable the correct flags for my processor.

 2) after applying this patch to GCC and re-installing it, mythtv
 ./configure --enable-proc-opt on the c3 box disables cmov but still gets
 some of the options wrong (see attached) you get:[[BR]]
 CPU: x86 x86_32 (VIA Ezra), MMX=yes, MMX2=yes, 3DNow!=yes, 3DNow!
 extended=yes, SSE=yes, SSSE3=yes, CMOV=no.[[BR]]
 Should be: [[BR]]
 mmx=yes, mmx2=no, amd3dnow=yes, amd3dnowext=no, sse=no, SSE3=yes, cmov=n

 ffmpeg  ./configure  seems to have a similar problem  by the way - if this
 is what you are using as a template.

 3) if you pass the -ffast-math option to gcc versions gcc-4.4.4 to
 gcc-4.6.2 (and probably current) when used as a linker it adds cmovne
 instructions into the linked code even if -march=c3 is set. (gcc-3.4.6
 doesn't do this) - this explains most of the cmov instructions I found in
 my gentoo i586-pc-linux-gnu with -march=c3 CFLAGS system (also appear in
 my -march=k6-3 laptop buy the way) - that and the icedtea-bin files which
 isn't that surprising really - I'm still trying to wheedle out the rest
 and pluck up the courage to file a gcc bug...

 4) I spent ages trying to work out where
 /mythtv/external/FFmpeg/libavformat/libmythavformat.so.52 was getting cmov
 instructions from then discovered it has the function name
 '<mov_read_cmov>' in it which was giving me a false positive - doh! (see
 my find cmov script, again shamelessly stolen from someone else attached)

 I have found that the rest of gentoo's ebuilds don't seem to mind being
 merged in a chroot using my core2 - even ffmpeg - they continue to honor
 my -march=c3 CFLAGS in make.conf. For this reason (and as compiling on the
 C3 itself even with distcc just takes forever) I would suggest that
 a) mythtv's ebuilds be updated to honour any -march CFLAGS in make.conf
 (as suggested by Simon Kenyon above) - by all means continue to strip -Ox
 and other stuff out [[BR]]
 b) the ./configure script be updated to set the correct options for VIA
 processors (see the patch in
 [http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45359] as a starting point
 which seems sensible and works for me - anyone out there got a cyrix to
 fill in the 'fixme'?)

 I did have a go at creating a new ebuild so I could test a configure patch
 myself but the GIT overlay magic got me royally confused when it started
 downloading another version of mythtv using my new ebuild's name (I've got
 a serious learning curve by the looks of things!). If someone could point
 me to the right part of the configure files and explain what's happening
 with the ebuild I would be happy to give it another try though.

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