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Mon Apr 9 18:35:50 UTC 2012

#10542: configure incorrectly detects VIA c3 and enables cmov etc...
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     Type:  Bug Report - General  |         Status:  closed
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Component:  Packaging             |        Version:  0.24.2
 Severity:  medium                |     Resolution:  Upstream Bug
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Comment (by andrew@…):

 This explains why searching for cmov instructions on my machine returns so
 many positives even with i586-pc-linux-gnu as CHOST!

 I have now rebuilt gcc (emerge -1av gcc) on the c3 machine (previous
 compile was done in an NFS exported CHROOT on my core2 :-), two days later
 it still thinks that -march=native == -march=pentium2 even though gcc
 configure includes --with-arch=i586.
 4.6.2 and 4.4.4 ebuilds (chroot compiled) both have the problem. 3.4.6
 (gcc of a c3-ish vintage) doesn't support -march=native and probably won't
 compile most of the rest of gentoo anyway...

 Anyhow currently have the backend up and running by <ctrl-c>-ing emerge
 mythtv after configure had finished, re-running configure manually (after
 adding the correct options for my c3 to the standard configure command)
 then running "ebuild /path/to/mythtv.ebuild compile" followed by "ebuild
 /path/to/mythtv.ebuild qmerge"

 Thanks for the help chaps! - Will post a reference to the upstream bug /
 and or a work-around if I find one. (Once I work out if it's a gcc or a
 gentoo specific issue that is :-).

 (Who ignored that good advice in the wiki not to try running mythtv on
 gentoo or old hardware....)

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