[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10587: MythTV-Setup stops listening to some keyboard input

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Thu Apr 12 20:05:00 UTC 2012

#10587: MythTV-Setup stops listening to some keyboard input
     Reporter:  Brian Boonstra <mythtv@…>  |      Owner:  jyavenard
         Type:  Bug Report - General       |     Status:  new
     Priority:  minor                      |  Milestone:  unknown
    Component:  Ports - OSX                |    Version:  0.25
     Severity:  medium                     |   Keywords:
Ticket locked:  0                          |
 MythTV-Setup.app will behave normally with keyboard input for about a
 minute.  Then it will stop listening to the Enter key, arrow keys and
 Escape key at the top level menus.  This can be worked around, mostly, by
 task-switching to find the mouse cursor and clicking buttons using the
 mouse.  However the app must be killed by hand to quit it.

 Logging with -v shows the following output:

   AppleRemote::startListening() failed

 This is on a machine that lacks an Apple Remote.  It is running OSX 10.7
 Lion, using the backend binaries downloaded from SourceForge on April 10

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